We offer different types of generator enclosures, weatherproof, soundproof and super-soundproof canopies with heavy-duty silencers for optimized performance and  sound level reduction up to 65dBA at 3m. Our

Our generator enclosures are made of rugged components, highly corrosion-resistant construction and electrostatically painted, ensuring the best product shape, high surface quality to withstand the harshest site conditions.

Canopy Specifications:

• Carbon Steel coated with electrostatic painting.
• Air louvers and Sound insulation materials.
• Assembly flexibility for easy maintenance and installation.
• Residential and Industrial silencer, Rockwool insulated.
• Built-in Fuel tanks.
• Internal lights , Transparent window for monitoring.
• Hinges, Door lock, Emergency stop, Siren, Cable slot.
• ISO 9001:2014 Certified.

  • 1.
    Exhaust system output
  • 2.
    Hot air flow output
  • 3.
    Anti-Vibration base
  • 4.
    Emergency Button
  • 5.
    Control unit with display screen
  • 6.
    Output cables slot
  • 7.
    Oil discharge slot
  • 8.
    Lift hooks
  • 9.
    Alternator maintenance slot
  • 10.
    Fuel input slot
  • 11.
    Removable Airflow input Unit
  • 12.
    Portable fuel tank unit
  • 13.
    Portable fuel tank unit slot